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This course will teach you Professional Judgment Recovery to open and run your own Judgment Recovery business and with extremely little overhead costs.  Once you learn the profession from the NAJRP Course, the Author may grant you lifelong Associate Membership of NAJRP, placed on the NAJRP list to Receive FREE Referrals, and list you at the Member's Site to network and collaborate with numerous fellow members - Nationwide.

At seller's full discretion and choice Qualified & Vetted Buyers may receive a password to the Member's Only area of the greatest national association for Professional Judgment Recovery and also receive something else that no other course or association in Judgment Recovery offers, which is the option for granted access to restricted databases that are NOT available to the un-licensed public. The databases we use can find the locations of persons, their employment, properties, vehicles, assets, cross-referenced information, marriage and relatives, criminal records, associates, death records, current phone numbers, and so much more.  ONLY our association provides this level of commitment to the success of our associates, to even grant them the same powerful database access  that our licensed investigative firm relies on for its general investigations.   We are the first, only, and original to pioneer bringing the profession to this level, and that is because our success is in seeing our associates' success.  The database offer is only considered after the associate has demonstrated long-term success in Professional Judgment Recovery and not to be expected as granted automatically.

Formal Introduction:

Thank you for your interest in our training Course.  The author Jon Scott, a seasoned licensed private investigator (over 19 years Exp.), offers the most extensive and the most highly advanced course in Professional Judgment Recovery services.  Written by a skilled licensed private detective, you can rest assured in learning truly superior investigative strategies, techniques, insights, do's & don'ts, and feel a person-to-person confidence and assurance, that Jon is with you every step of the way, not missing a beat, to help you succeed (that is also because he is always just a phone call and/or email away from helping you personally).

Jon Scott would like to invite you to become a part of one of the nation’s newest professions, that gives you practically everything private investigation services offers, with: Professional Judgment Recovery services.  Jon personally has been doing Judgment Recovery beginning in 1999, and as a result, has earned an outstanding income and has even met a judge in chambers for a judicial proceeding that he commenced against his debtors.  Meeting with the judge person to person is not a common necessity, however the more you understand and become comfortable with the processes, you too may find yourself legally filing motions and petitions which may result in shaking hands with the judge also!  Likewise, this was a very proud moment in his life. As such, judgment recovery is a very independent and prestigious career move any way you look at it.

In this business, you work entirely for yourself.  You answer only to yourself.  You give yourself all the ‘raises’ you care to earn.  You don’t have to worrying about downsizing/job cuts.  It's ultimately amazing and Jon has been pioneering it and teaching it to thousands of people across the country and even abroad, including at least four attorneys, stock brokers, real estate brokers, insurance professionals, and many other types of professionals whom he's personally trained as well.  All of the things you are reading here are documented and proven Facts.  Jon is living the life he's always wanted to live since 1999, when he began the first edition of his book/course entitled: Professional Judgment Recovery.

From the first case that he recovered, he maybe spent 1 - 2 hours total, and settled the case right on the phone as usual with his debtor who paid him $300.00 cash to settle the case and Jon even let him settle it for a reduced amount than the original judgment.  So you can see how this is one of the most easiest jobs to do on the face of the planet. It only takes serious-mined persons with a business mind to work for themselves and be independent. 

After getting a spam email advertisement about Judgment Recovery around 1998, I (Jon Scott) searched the Internet and began learning about Judgment Recovery from the $150.00 purchase of the best leading course on the market: Sierra Judgment Recovery. Since then, I have used my extensive years of academic legal studies and real-world practices in the legal industry to not just re-invent the wheel so that the car merely rolls better; it now also flies!  If you need more proof, please feel welcome to read any of the many statements we have obtained throughout the years.  Once you are ready, you are truly welcome to give it a try and see if it’s not one of the best business decisions you’ve every made.

What's more, if you are interested in a career in Private Investigation Services, this course is also an outstanding beginning since I have taught thousands of private investigators across the country and also many non-legal persons whom have had no experience at all in the legal fields.  This course teaches in clear English, highlights important areas and/or words, and does not confuse or bore the reader with a bunch of unnecessary filler information or legal jargons etc.  You be the judge; as I'm convinced you will love it!

So ...    What exactly is Judgment Recovery?

If you are like many people, you are not even sure what a Judicial Judgment is and why processing Judicial Judgments can earn you very substantial income.  If you ever sue a company or a person and win, you will then have a Judicial Judgment against them. You are happy you’ve won but, you will soon find out the shocking fact: It's now up to you to collect on the Judgment. The court does not require the loser to pay you. The court will not even help you. You must trace the loser down, find their assets, their employment, bank accounts, real estate, stocks and bonds, etc. Very few people know how to locate people effectively, and to find these assets or what to do when they are found. 

The result of all the lack of Plaintiff (Judgment Creditor) participation in collecting on their own won court cases, is that millions of Judgments are just sitting in files, collecting dust, and forgotten!

In approx. 79% of the cases, the winner of a Judgment never sees a dime. The non-payment of judicial debt has grown to epidemic proportions. Right now in the United States there is between 200 and 300 billion dollars of uncollected Judicial Judgment debt. For every Judgment that is paid, about five more Judgments go unpaid!

The author and associates have identified this massive market and have actively pursued Judicial Judgments for many years. We have invented this business professionally. We have perfected it into a well-proven and solid profession in which serious minded individuals can be trained in the techniques necessary to succeed. With our first hand experience we have built a course, which teaches you how to start your business, in this new unknown and exciting field of Judgment Recovery Services. By following the steps laid out in our course and with reasonable effort you can become very successful in the processing and recovery of Judicial Judgments. The income potential is substantial in this profession. We have associates who have taken our course and are now working full time making outstanding income. Even part time associates are doing quite well. Some choose to operate out of their home and work by themselves and/or with one or two partners/employees. Others build a sizable organization of five to twenty-five or more people in attractive business offices making well over $100,000.00 per year.

What are some good reasons why Jon Scott's Professional Judgment Recovery (c) is the choice of the legal professional? It is written by a legal professorial to make any business-minded individual a legal professional too!  That and networking - with keeping close tabs on his associates success while providing them with ongoing case opportunities are also a very strong reasons why his teachings are preferred. The exchange of information and assistance between all of us, is another key reason why we are the best. We are legal experts and have worked with and assisted government agencies, police officers, attorneys, credit agencies, and etc. since 1999 and still going strong!  From this, many of our associates already have real estate liens in force of between 5 million to over 15 million dollars!  Legally this means that when the properties are sold or refinanced our associate must be paid off. In addition to the principle amount awarded by the court (the original amount sued for), the Judgment Recovery Professional additionally collects every penny from accrued interest!  The norm is 10% interest compounded annually on unpaid Judicial Judgments. Annual interest on 5 million at 10% translates to $500,000.00 annually in interest income alone...not counting the payment of the principle! In which case, the higher end specialist does indeed earn half of this amount or  $250,000.00 per year. Again, this is just for interest, not counting principle.  How amazing is that?  The interest creates very substantial additional income.  Now you will also learn that that the Assignee, has the ability to negotiate a reduced settlement with even waiving the accrued interest and making it a win-win situation for all!

How about a true-to-life example?  Typically companies are sold for 10 times earnings. Just based on simple interest alone, an associate with 5 million in real estate liens could sell their business for approximately 2.5 million-dollars.  About 92% of all our associates work out of their home; about 43% are women and about 36% are part-time.  So.. are there any more good reasons why I would benefit from and enjoy doing Judgment Recovery?   One of the benefits of working in this field is that you are not under any kind of time frame.  If you decide to take off for a month of vacation then go. The Judgments you are working on will be there when you return. The Judgments are still in force, they do not disappear. 

The way you operate is mostly non-confrontational. You use your computer and telephone to do most of the processing. You typically don't need to confront the debtor in person (unless to meet and pick up a check payment etc). The debtor will know you are the new owner of that judgment.  Simply stated, the steps to successful Judgment Recovery are as follows: Call or mail our recommended letter to companies and individuals with Judicial Judgments (I tell you how to find out who to call or write to). A large percent of the firms and people you call or write will respond and ask for your help. I personally get many new cases by just a quick phone call. You meet with them or send them an agreement (supplied in the course) to sign, which splits every dollar you collect 50% to you and 50% to them. This applies no matter if the judgment is for $2,000.00 or $2,000,000.00. Then, there are a few more legal procedures that follow that LEGALLY assigns the Judgment to you and gives you the right to collect on the judgment, which I'll teach you step-by-step. The Clerk also gets one of the forms, to place in the original case file, which shows you are now legally the Assignee in Fact of Record, of that lawsuit. You then easily use just one or a few of our numerous listed resources and online search methods to find the debtor and their assets, free of cost to you. This course will explain to you the most powerful array of resources, databases, public records, and forms that you search and use, free of charge. They range from bank account locates, employment and business locates, skip traces, tangible assets, real estate, locating stocks and bonds, and much more. Furthermore, if you have ANY trouble in finding the assets in our resources lists for free, you can also then log into your account on the major restricted database that our firm uses for all investigations that require background information on someone and/or their assets, residence, employment, professional licensing, and much more.  One last time, we are the first and only state licensed investigative firm that offers this level of restricted information access.  However, with you being as screened member associate, we are therefore able to.  

What's more, if you need help at any time along the way, our firm's team are professional investigative researchers and are glad to assist. We can find anyone's assets with about a 95 percent success rate.  Once you find the debtor and their assets you then have the ability to negotiate with the debtor (the course has many sample negotiation letters, marketing correspondence, strategies, tactics, genuine valuable tips, outlines, checklists, oral communications examples, and so much more!). You will normally get cooperation with the debtor because you are able to offer a reduced settlement (which will help the debtor avoid wage garnishments, liens, levies and etc. If you get little to no cooperation, you simply use one or any combination of our personal and custom gauntlet of investigative legal tactics and procedures which do in fact, legally force and/or compel the debtor (judgment debtor) to finally pay up what is owed. Our associates are absolutely amazed at the level of details and steps to take that this course provides.

Jon Scott teaches you the full procedures and insights to file garnishments and liens on the assets you have located. (Standard fill in the blank forms that I teach you how to use).  I also teach you how to immediately place a Judgment Lien on the debtor’s real estate! This means, you can be somewhere on a vacation and at the same time, receive a phone call from a real estate Title Search agent who is conducting a Lien Search prior to closing the sale of a home/property of which you legally have lien on.  The law provides that all liens on the real estate must be paid of in full, before the sale of the property can take place!  Likewise, the title clerk is calling you to take care of the debt so the sale of of the property can continue as planned. 

Finally, when you receive the assets/payoffs you keep 50% and send 50% to the original Judgment holder.  Once the Judgment is fully paid you mail a Satisfaction of Judgment to the court (All forms are included in the course and have been revised to accommodate requirements of law since 1999 to present). 

Some Quote's from our Associates: We have a large collection of statements which represent the tremendous enthusiasm and success of our associates. Instead of listing them all, here are a few of the best: "Hi Jon, I wanted you to know that I received the course this afternoon. I started reading immediately and hated to put it down! Dinner was late.... This looks like something I will really enjoy. I hope you will be available if I have any questions. Thanks for shipping so quickly. Best Regards, Renee' Geary."  That same week, Renee told me that she had gained case assignments from people she met at a party!  Scott Levin of Tampa, FL. writes:  "Hey Jon, your course is very impressive with self motivation, initiative and common sense.  Before beginning I’m sure that I will be able to prosper at this."  Tony Estrada of Lakewood, CO. stated: "Jon, you have produced a very great judgment recovery course!  It is clearly the vanguard in its field."   Carrie Francis of Bedford, Texas stated: "Jon, I would highly recommend this course to anyone!  Thanks for all your help!" The price for a course like this, authored by a seasoned licensed private investigator, and in its Third and completely Revised Edition, could easily be sold for hundreds and even thousands of dollars (and it has).  However author and your fellow associate Jon Scott would much rather earn the rewards of creating a large network of team-oriented professional associates, helping many people achieve success on a larger scale.  With that said, the current price is very reasonable considering the outstanding profits & success it produces and also, for expenses in attorney fees, years of research, practice, and trial and error, to ensure our materials are 100% legal (FOR ALL STATES) and the best! You can compare NAJRP with any other courses/teachings out there to find you have the clear edge and advantage with NAJRP. 

As an emphasis, our course has been the Original and ONLY one of its kind to professionally teach people how to start and operate this professional legal service For Their Own City & State. We've found the other courses to give you legal forms, rules, and procedures that work ONLY for the state where the course is coming from! In addition, the NAJRP course also gives you full access to all the Custom Forms in MS Word or PDF format, which you can fill in and print out as needed to process your cases.

From the above information and actual results you can see why we can state the following: With Jon's Professional Judgment Recovery (c) course, you can own your own successful business! A business which earns you substantial income now and one which could be sold in 3-5 years, paying you enough to retire on and travel the world. A business which is extremely interesting to be in. A Business in which every day is new and exciting.  None of your days will be humdrum.  Your brain is challenged! A business which protects you from corporate downsizing.  A business which you can start part-time from your home and later, if you so desire, you can progress to working full time. A business which is your ticket to freedom from others telling you what to do. A business which lets you control your own destiny. 

If the above sounds interesting to you then it's time for you to purchase this course and get started with us immediately! Jon will be ready when you are.  Your success is his success.  You can also call and/or e-mail Jon anytime for any questions at all. If you like what you've read and hear about our course, then it's definitely time for you to join us and make a true difference in your life as well. Besides the excitement of success, we are generally low key. We merely give you the facts and you can then decide if you want to work with us or not. Jon's training has made great success happen for thousands of others already, so make it happen for you too! There are at least seven attorneys that have purchased this course and are current associate members whom, have also given great praise to the quality of this laboriously written material. We can therefore also be honored that the course stands up to the highest standards of a legal counselor's scrutiny.

The course is currently 57 pages with Approx. 27,241 or more words and will be sent to the associate VIA electronic format (MS Word/PDF format).

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